"ROMANTIC RAIN" by Jason Flick



"Romantic Rain" is Jason Flick's newest book.  It is fiction and adult humor.  If it were a movie, it would be rated R.  Romantic Rain is available on,, and  It is available in paperback and ebook.  YOU CAN GET AN EBOOK FOR ONLY $5!

Contained in this website are free "sample segments" from the book.  Also, please click on the blog, and pictures pages.  Thank you.


Notes: This Is Part Of The Book



1) The Arrival  2) 4:20 a.m.  3) Apropos, Time Travel  4) 1000 Miles  5) Tapeless Bar  6) 4:20 is...  7) Upped My Speed  8) Misty Blanket  9) World's Shortest Book  10) Dissed-Turbing Things  11) Accelerated Competition  12) Fertile Crescent, USA  13) Lucky Number 13  14) Dead Traffic  15) Urgent Bladder Control  16) On The Off-Ramp  17) Pre-Preparation H  18) Detroit Detour  19) Indiana Nooner  20) Double Fines  21) Blackjack  22) Toledo, Indiana  23) Take A Dump Truck  24) Scratch N Sniff Blacktop  25) Canned Evil  26) Madam Genevieve  27) Stop The Rest  28) Road Texting  29) Shitty Time Travel  30) I Zoom The I-Zoom  31) The Birthplace Of Ohio  32) The Buck You State  33) The Speed Of Revolution  34) World's Fastest Movie  35) Coming Down Colossal Valley  36) Nature's Natural Beer  Illustration #1: Gas Station Goddess  37) On The Loose  Illustration #2: Toll Booth Tease  38) American Dragula  39) Thirty Nine Past The State Line  40) Beautiful Dark Cloud  41) Big Fat Rainbow  42) Smoking The Transmission  Illustration #3: Marvelous Mark  43) Fingers Crossed  44) Spinning Wheels  45) Revving High  46) Local Phone Book  Illustration #4: Bobby Brazil  47) Big In Brazil  Illustration #5: Confused  48) Tranny Sauce 


49) A Rental Car  50) New Technology  51) Completely Insured  52) Hip Hip Hypocrisy  Illustration #6: Fun Town Fred  53) Freaky Fun  54) Spare Change  55) Christopher Columbus Highway  56) New Jersey Transport  57) Passing Cautious Wind  Illustration #7: The Ticket Taker  58) Above Ground NYC  59) 99 Billion  60) Intermission  Illustration #8: The Market Maze 


Illustration #9: The Back Door  61) The Back Door  62) The Ticking Clock  63) Working Title  64) Struggling Authoritarian  Illustration #10: Pierre  65) Poop Publishing  66) Lights Out  67) The Emerald City  Illustration #11: Lost Generation  68) Opening Night  Illustration #12: Bathroom Belle  69) Raison D'etra 

ACT 4: THE ESCAPE  70) Ex-Change Of Change  Illustration #13: Gentleman Scholar  71) The Underground Pyramid  72) Smoking Beer  73) Spin Cycle  74) Flaming Couches  75) M69 ***(The Climax)***  Illustration #14: Free Farts  76) Freedom Farts  77) The Penis Code  78) Cream Up Your Butter  79) Bio-Synchronization  80) M53 Beatniks & Beatitudes  81) Professional Farts  82) Bible Strippers  Illustration #15: Master Of Libations  83) Poop Perfume  84) The Flatulist  85) Floating Poop  Illustration #16: Fruit Cart Friend  86) Did Jesus Smoke Pot?  87) Strawberry Pottery  88) Delete This  Illustration #17: Goatee  89) Pet Pimp  90) The Butterfly Brigade  91) Road Juice  Illustration #18: Dill Dog  92) Piss Popsicles  93) Sorry Bitch! 


94) The New Math  95) Romantic Rain  96) Unleaded Foot  97) Author To The World  98) Epilogue: How To Write A Good Book  99) Emergency Post Script  Works Cited



Session 1: The Arrival

This is session 1. I'm reading a letter that I got through email through the internet.

Thursday, May 5, 2012,  Book Expo Talent Scouts America

Hi, Just a brief not to let you know that your book has arrived for the BETS America Show. Thanks,

Margaret Allison,  American Book Cooperative

Session 2: 4:20 A.M.

This is session 2. [Music from the band "Funeral Party" blares in the background, ironically it is the song, "New York City Moves to the Sound of L.A."]

"Get it straight when you're upside down. Things are looking stale, it's time to turn around.  I was sick of the feeling, sick of image and sound.  You can't move up without leaving, And things were getting me down.  Now I know that it's all been done before, It will all be done again...  New York City loves to mess around with the L.A. Sound!"

-Funeral Party

Testing, testing, 123. Or, as I like to say, "Testes, Testes, 123." Test, Test, Test. That's my favorite gimmick; Testes, Testes, 123. Three Testes, I'm glad you be.

Okay, well, it is 4:20 in the morning on Tuesday, May 24, 2012. I am in the Moo-Mart 24 hour supercenter parking lot, and I'm getting ready to start my journey of 1000 miles (approximately), with $1000 (approximately), to New York City, for the 2012 Book Expo Talent Scouts America for the premiere of my book, The Inter-Mission. But, THIS is a New Book. That... I am writing impromptu, improvisized, and improvised about THIS journey to the Book Expo Talent Scouts America. I am going to try to go straight, 1000 miles, in 17 hours with 1000 bucks. To go view... and visit New York City, the publishing capital of the World, and The Book Expo Talent Scouts America at the Jacob Javitz Convention Center on the Upper West Side, Manhattan, New York City, U.S.A.

So, I just bought this recorder. It's digital with no tapes or moving parts. And, I hope it works because that is how I am planning to write this book. That's the beginning of the journey... hopefully this worked.



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